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Traditional Numerical Control Woodworking Machine To Develop International Standards To Be

Woodworking machine is a machine tool industry of one of the eight categories, the rest of the metal-cutting machine tools, Foundry machinery, metal forming machine tools, abrasives, cutting tools, machine tool electric appliances (including CNC), machine tool accessories (including rolling components) are often deeply concerned. As the furniture market fire, woodworking machine that fired up, especially the numerical control, high efficiency and high precision, environmentally friendly woodworking machine is favored.

Rise of the numerical control woodworking machine in

China woodworking machinery in Qingdao, Shandong, Guangdong, lunjiao is concentrated. Since reform and opening up, the old state-owned enterprises reform, change management idea, like Harbin, Suzhou Fuma woodworking machinery group, yuci, Shanxi pressing machine factory, Shandong Weihai Qingdao woodworking machinery, woodworking machinery Corporation, are entirely to the market management system.

Woodworking machine tool exports so fierce in China, the major markets dominated by third world countries, including Southeast Asia, South Asia, and some better quality and even exported to the Americas, the European market. In short, the development of woodworking machinery, has made great progress, but it still needs to be on improving quality, the only way to a place in the world for wood forest.

CNC machine tools are machining requirements, steps and dimensions with the code numbers and by information carriers (such as punched tape) enter the dedicated computer, processed and calculations from various control signals to control the machine's movements, according to drawings and automatically processed parts. Not only does it control the control and accessibility, but also to coordinate control is integrated in the 1930 of the 20th century, applied technology, automatic control technology, precise measurement and machine design and advanced technology, such as the development of a new type of machine tool.

With the growing market competition, high efficiency and high precision are required more and more. Woodworking machines to CNC, became inevitable, market-oriented and trend.

Furniture industry more CNC woodworking machine help

NC universal and advantage has become increasingly prominent, woodworking machine is more and more in favor of CNC type, because it is not only efficient but also to improve the quality and accuracy of the product. CNC woodworking machines woodworking industry is based on requirements, according to the characteristics of wood products processing industry, combined with wood products employees operating habits, development design of machines and equipment. With CNC controlled machinery movement, enterprises can be processed by cylindrical, conical, curved, spherical complex shapes, such as turning wood or wooden semi-finished products, especially suitable for wood industry enterprises of small and medium series production may at any time, flexible shape, quickly changing processing style. Take for instance the furniture industry, the use of CNC woodworking machine can reduce much of the furniture production process aided tooling and fixture, and can automate your production line, workers labor from complex to simple, reduced labour costs. Application of numerical control technology for furniture manufacturers reap excessive profits.

Numerical control woodworking machine is upgraded hope for the furniture industry, with the decline in the cost of domestic CNC equipment, numerical control woodworking machinery has a popular premise. The current popularity of numerical control woodworking machine industry in China, and step by step to complete, intelligent and the direction of large-scale development.

In order to be able to maintain a stable growth, furniture industry needs universal domestic NC furniture production line to achieve low-cost mass production, improve product quality and productivity and enhance competitiveness. For example, a device installation to complete machining turning, milling, engraving, drilling, sawing, edging, sanding, paint or veneer, the multichannel working procedure processing, formation of furniture production automation. As represented by the universal CNC machine CNC woodworking machine era is in the past, mass-produced furniture NC complete equipment whose time has come.

CNC woodworking machines to be internationalized

Development of numerical control woodworking machine tools with international standards, to meet the domestic and foreign General CNC Software, numerical control equipment and professional level, line and automated techniques are standardized in order to achieve the swap. As number of tools in the tool storage, speed change, automatic sharpening system, open and friendly interface of software are standardized in terms of performance. Equipped with programming in the CNC system fault diagnosis expert system, system, automatic creation and automatic management system, calculation functions, Adaptive fuzzy control function, making CNC woodworking machines more intelligent. Multimedia control system with integrated voice, text, image, and video information, so that it can achieve real-time monitoring, production equipment diagnosis and monitoring of production process parameters by acclamation. In Europe, the study on CNC woodworking machines from a single machine to CNC machining line, CNC technology has penetrated into all processes of production of furniture and other products. How integration formed a line scale, is a woodworking machine industry in China and a new exploration in the future.

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