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Only One Week To Get 5 Million Order To Raise What Laser Machine Tips

Hunt, February 28 (compilation: pomegranate seeds)

I always thought that products will be broken all the raise record products that appeal to consumers, such as smart watches, multifunction reefers or sequel of the famous 80 's of last century program. So when launched last year in New York Glowforge Makercon next generation laser printer, though I can't wait to buy one for myself, but I never expected it would shine in groups other than early adopters. I think if Glowforge could raise millions of dollars, was a great success.

However Glowforge surprisingly won 27.9 million dollars of investment in 30 days, raised a record in the history of, and that fundraising is, of course, is a remarkable success.

Glowforge is a hybrid 3D printer. But cutting and engraving materials by cutting process, every part of the produce will be marked, assisting the rest of Assembly work. You just need to select a project to put the materials to the printer, which is a 3D scan automatically, according to the results after adjustment design.

In order to understand how they did it, I had an interview with Tony Wright, co-founder of Glowforge. In an interview, he shared with us the history of all the project raised the midpoint of the most successful bit of detail.

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