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Numerical Control Woodworking Machinery Product Development Opportunities

"HC machinery industry net"

"HC machinery industry net" currently, foreign woodworking machinery industry in the doldrums, design with no new progress, wood processing technology is almost at a standstill phase. Market situations at home and abroad, how to develop Chinese woodworking machinery? future industry development opportunity in which? recently, modernisation and woodworking machinery CNC technology is a theme in the development of the industry. NC technology of woodworking machinery, woodworking machinery to high precision, high quality, integrated and automated direction. Woodworking machinery product development in the future should the following direction.

1, the development of mass consumption products production line full set of numerical control equipment. More than 10 years, representatives of CNC machine CNC woodworking machines used in the past, CNC equipment development of mass consumption of wood products which they were coming. With the expansion of China and flooring industry, mass consumption cost reduction, progress, profit and consumption rate of labor task was very prominent. Chair legs automated loading and unloading and multi-station machining is a combination of robots and CNC machining centers, close to computer integration level.

2, CNC numerical control woodworking machine direction. Foreign 90% used CNC woodworking machinery products, the maximum horizontal CNC machine tool magazine reaches 36, automatic cutter to arrange 16 knives. General CNC machine is a dual table or Workbench, processing working hours and time coincide, the consumption rate of progress of labor. Traditional 4 or 6 or even reach 16 spindle CNC machine had gone, instead is the first 4 or 5 spindle single or double spindle.

3, waste development are prominent features of applications. Applied technology of domestic timber has entered the period of market economy, even profit profit has reached a market economy, the harsh competition scene efficiency as the key to survival of the wood. Woodworking machinery industry enterprises should be the remaining applications, such as sawdust, consumption is off rod, carbon Rod equipment, lumber and wood processing residue a specific request of the equipment.

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