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Market Analysis Of China's Woodworking Machinery

In recent years, the international woodworking machinery and wood based panel machinery industry has been in the doldrums, design and almost no new progress in modernization of wood and artificial board processing technology development is almost at a standstill phase. International industry is in the doldrums at the same time, how should Chinese woodworking machinery and wood based panel machinery industry development? Through several international exhibition of woodworking machinery, the author is aware, the international woodworking machinery modernization of CNC technology is the subject of exhibitions in recent years, development of numerical control technology of woodworking machines, to make a variety of wood products processing of numerical control woodworking machinery to high precision, high quality, high integration and automation exhibition reflects success. With condition in my opinion, new product development directions of China's woodworking machinery should focus on the following aspects.

Development and mass production of wood products production line full set of numerical control equipment. More than 10 years, representatives of CNC machine CNC woodworking machine whose time has past, production CNC equipment development of wood products whose time has come. With the expansion of our furniture and flooring industry, production tasks to reduce costs, increase profits and productivity have been very prominent. Northeast forestry University of forestry and woodworking machinery Engineering Technology Center has received China's economically developed areas require numerical control transformation, reduce the number of skilled workers and the productivity of design tasks, production wood product lines complete CNC equipment development is a pressing task.

CNC large and intelligent development of new products. International House processing CNC machine reaches 36 meters in length, device height of more than 6 meters. These large CNC machining center will completely change the concept of traditional woodworking machinery and miniaturization. CNC automatic edge banding machine single lengths up to 25 m, for edge banding of Panel furniture to provide a super intelligent devices. CNC automatic window processing center automatic turn of intelligent robots have reached level, timber knot automatically removed and edge joint laterally welded Automation has reached level of intelligent robots. Chair legs automated loading and unloading and multi-station machining is a combination of robots and CNC machining centers, close to computer integration level.

CNC numerical control woodworking machinery development. NC 90% woodworking machinery products abroad has developed the maximum horizontal CNC machine tool magazine up to 36, automatic cutter can arrange 16 knives. CNC machines are generally double the Workbench or table, processing time and time overlap, improving labor productivity. Traditional 4 or 6 or even 16 knife axis CNC machines are gone and replaced them with single head 4 or 5 spindle, spindle forms or a dual-head.

Waste utilization equipment development is characterized. Wood technology has entered the era of market economy in China, the profits have reached the average of market economy, fierce competition leading to efficient use of wood becoming key to business survival. Woodworking machinery industry as the remaining enterprises using equipment, such as sawdust burning rod, carbon Rod production equipment, sawmilling and processing residues of specific requirements for wood fiber equipment. Through intelligent automation and reduce the cost of these devices is the focus of their development.

Wood technology exchanges and sales agents active in foreign countries. Milan exhibition abroad of woodworking machinery dealers and manufacturers of a big party. China of woodworking mechanical production enterprise has out of has abroad, they in introduced abroad advanced of processing, and installation and debugging technology of while, more to introduced abroad advanced of publicity, and sales and good of sale Hou, strategy; introduced China individual equipment need of key technology; introduced NC platform and hardware supporting technology; introduced abroad woodworking equipment of drop noise technology; introduced fill domestic woodworking and Panel mechanical blank of technology. By Milan platform out of the country, participating in the international competitive arena. But what is more important is looking for agents to sell their products abroad, meet vendors all over the world. Similarly, the woodworking machinery manufacturers in China should go out of the country, to get to know foreign producers of woodworking machinery, promoting international exchanges.

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