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Manufacturers Will Teach You How To Buy A Good Laser Coding Machine

Laser coding machine into fiber laser, lamp pumped laser machines and other machines, Semiconductor Laser, fiber laser, electro-optical conversion efficiency, long service life, easy maintenance and superior performance determines the position in the market of optical fiber laser.

Optical fiber laser marking machine is made up of laser vibration, marking cards, and the lens is composed of three parts, so this three-part technical merits quality determines the marker's performance and quality. Existing optical fiber laser marking machine preferred product in Europe and in laser technology, such as Germany IPG lasers, stable performance, long life up to 100,000 hours, and so on.

Choosing a laser coding machine not expensive better, depending on your needs, for example, what material is your product? To what kind of pattern? Did speed requirements? Color? Fiber is good, of course, but the price is high, and some of his properties on your products is unnecessary.

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