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How To Calculate The Cost Of Buying A Router?

When you start to consider to add a cnc router to your workshop,  you may would like to figure out the cost of operation for cnc router, how it affect your operation, and you may for sure that it will increase your production, but how can you put it in numbers.
We suggest you consider following items:

1.Labor Cost

What is the average salary for employee at workshop, and what is the salary for this cnc router operator, and software program designer or just one employee for this. Or you could get program design work from outsource for saving cost.

2. The working size and spindle power of cnc router you prefer to get?

This is decided by your max material sheet size, and your production task. Yishun cnc machinery  suggest you consider your max sheet size as the table size of cnc router, and for spindle power, you may get suggestion from sales according the production task, here, we suggest you bigger spindle power for higher efficiency.

3. The software you prefer to use.

If you get the program software with YS cnc router, you could save some money since we offer ArtCAM for free of charge. If you prefer other software, you may ask the software supplier and choose the suitable version.

4. The additional spare parts of cnc router you would like to get.

such as vacuum pump, dust collecting system, industrial chiller, mist sprayer, 3D scanner, cnc knife, saw, boring head etc. Contact sales to see which spare part is suitable for your work.

In this way, you know the cnc router power, spare parts power, know how much power the cnc router use per hour.
For one point of cnc router helping you to reduce salary and increasing production is for sure. After you have general idea of cnc router working speed for your material, you can count that how much it costs to cut 1 piece and then get the idea the production quantity for one day. Then you can figure out how much you can earn per hour by cnc router and how long you get back the cost of cnc router after purchased.

Hope this article could be helpful for you to get a cnc router started work for you. Any question you may have, contact us!

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