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Brother "Indian" Fast Black And White Laser Blockbuster Hits

"Zhongguancun Office print channel" recently, Brother blockbuster introduced "printing" series 4 high speed black and white laser printers: HL-5580D/HL-5585D/HL-5590DN/HL-5595DN. "Stable, efficient and smart" was the "printing" the biggest characteristic of the series, believes will one day be more strongly in the market concerned. Increases the fixer updates of new products, from life and stability than the previous generation products has significantly improved. Print from the original 38 pages per minute up to 40 pages per minute (of which HL-5595DN is up to 50 pages per minute), memory up to 512M.

Brother is receiving "at your side." The spirit of this product supplies drum powder separation. In addition, the toner cartridge also has three different volumes, was printed by the user can according to their own needs to choose more suitable for the toner cartridge. HL-5595DN is standard with super large capacity tray 520 pages, specifically applies to print a large quantity of users. Not only that, the Brother is also user-friendly for users with different size print needs to provide more than one paper tray selection, to provide users with more efficient print solutions.

In addition, from the appearance point of view, the launch of "printing" a full range of more simple lines design are based on black color, appearance coupled with high quality ABS material, highlighting products, deep and stable atmosphere.

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