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Stone engraving machine function and application range

The main function of stone engraving machine:

Stone lettering, stone relief, stone carving, stone Yin carving, stone line carving, stone hollow, and so on.

Stone engraving machine application:

Advertising industry: acrylic, color plate, PVC, ABS board, aluminum, aluminum-plastic plate engraving V-slot cutting, two-color portrait, three-dimensional billboards, all kinds of signs, badges, signs, copper, fonts, fonts, the Class logo, trademark and so on.

Woodworking industry: furniture decoration, musical instruments manufacturing, wooden handicrafts, art model, art font characters, logo, sheet metal engraving, solid wood furniture, art murals, MDF Mianqimen, composite doors, cabinet windows, bedside cabinets, Cutting, decorations processing, gift packaging, wave board, electrical countertops, sporting goods, and other wooden products of the three-dimensional surface and shape cutting.

Mold industry: can engrave a variety of molds, wood mold, font, aviation wood mold, propeller, building model, sand table model, steam boat model, car foam mold.

Plywood, plexiglass, acrylic, ABS, Vatican Sandstone, marble, granite, all kinds of artificial stone, light box, light guide plate, horns, all kinds of metal, all kinds of hard plastic and so on.



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