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Special NC machine tool "Thirteen-Five" scheduled for consideration by

1. According to the Ministry of information, on November 10 "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" in 2015-meeting of the major science and technology leading group, considered by the special "Thirteen-Five" implementation plan and 2016 plan. Meeting stressed the special machine tool "Thirteen-Five" plans to cover "made in China" 2025 "in the key areas of urgent need, strive to take into account the recent rapid development of the technology and market of robots and other key emerging industries need. to clear the key core technologies, focusing on breakthrough products such as high-end CNC key generic technologies, industry capacity for sustainable innovation. The a-share market include Shenyang machine tool CNC machine tool industry listed company (000410), qinchuan machine tools (000837), Huazhong CNC (300161).

A-share listed companies are mainly of Yueyang forestry and paper (600963), Fujian Higginson (002679), Mongolian drought resistance (300355).

Development (000722) intends to invest in Hunan (000548) chain of rehabilitation hospitals.

Companies, interactive entertainment (300043) day extension technology through acquisitions, distribution promotion and operation of online games.

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