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Side-pump marking machine manufacturers in the industry to become the green sign industry leaders

Green environmental protection, not only society, but user needs.

Not according to the development of the industry, according to market development, the State required "green" is just around the corner for us. With social of development, mentioned spray code machine or laser machine everyone General are will thought with packaging identifies about of equipment, as printer, and ink turbine, and printing Word machine, equipment, actually with times of development, spray code identifies equipment laser machine equipment of publicity efforts of gradually increased, more of user and manufacturers will more of understand to laser machine or spray code machine of heritage of road, industry many of laser machine producers constantly made adjustment, and determined to Yu do optimal of laser playing standard machine suppliers, For more industries to provide users with the best identity solutions to enhance product quality, improve production efficiency.

Side-pump marking machine manufacturers in the industry to become the green sign industry leaders.

Supply laser marking machine, green optimization from three aspects, so as to achieve a more environmentally friendly, more friendly for the environment.

One, to avoid ink jet printer supplies pollution. Regardless of is laser machine or is other model as semiconductor, and fiber laser machine, are not need using spray code machine supplies, avoid has spray code machine ink, and spray code machine solvent of using, and from source and essentially refused to has these has pollution, and on employees body harmful of factors, just supplies needs of avoid, while maintenance maintenance aspects of needs also will variable small, and not need replaced filter device, and pipeline, Series ink road system, more simple of optimization operation, more easy started of operation and using, let employees like using, and Willing to accept the new pattern, and dedicated to a positive attitude, for increased efficiency and improvement of the working methods are also very good.

Second, environmental protection of the device itself, does not produce a lot of pollution. Does not require a large amount of money, manufacturers will have an own identification of the device, and long service life, continuous cycle development, production for all sectors is also very useful, reducing the hazard of flammable, conducive to safety, not only employee's health is guaranteed, for the construction of the image of the Organization was also very strong in one lump sum. Laser machines, which determines the configuration and principle of it can play a more effective and to improve even more, truly green pump marking machine, enable more people to benefit from, make the product better.

Third, reduce the pollution that comes with the product. Many industry enterprise active for the industry user provides including green printing and the digital solution programme, spray code machine attached in products Shang of ink from theory, also is exists must of harm, and playing standard machine is different, it through perfect of laser standard carved, not only reduced has ink on human of hurt more can to products upgrade grade, health pollution of food, and beverage is general consumers will promotion and purchase of, from on the,, playing standard machine of using also upgrade has sales capacity, from itself for strengthened, We take the road of sustainable development an essential requirement.

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