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Highlights well-known machine tool companies highlight the first-class equipment products

2007 metalworking and CNC machine tool show (MWCS) China International industry fair (CIIF) one of the central exhibition, the exhibition has reached 35,000 square meters. This exhibition will bring together the leading machine tool enterprises at home and abroad with the stage, emphasizing its large, sophisticated, high performance CNC machines and CNC systems and features. Until now has more than 300 companies registered for the exhibition, 90% exhibition area has already been booked. This exhibition showed the following characteristics:

Famous machine tool companies gathered in the Chinese and foreign enterprises and half

In success held last machine exhibition of based Shang, this exhibition has more both inside and outside well-known machine Enterprise Active registration exhibition, as Shenyang machine, and Dalian machine, and align II machine, and align heavy NC, and Wuhan heavy, and Shanghai machine, and Hangzhou machine, and Guilin machine, and HANJIANG River machine, and Beijing machine by, and Tianjin a machine, and Wuhu day rose, and Han's laser, and laborers laser, and method Lee to laser, and Guangdong Ming laser, and solidarity puruima, and Taichung fine machine, and Wei Dr NC, and Shang a mechanical, and billion Jin mechanical, and special solid grams, and MIYANO, and SPINNER And the HAAS and the OSG, and VOLLMER, and JUNKER, and FLOW, and OMIKIOM, BALLUFF, AMADA etc. Including Germany, and Korea, and Japan, and India, and Taiwan and other countries and regions have attended this exhibition of machine tools.

Machine tool industry a major platform for the exchange of many high profile debut

Particularly welcome is one of many companies this exhibition as a showcase corporate image, promote enterprise great platform for products, high-sounding with oversized booths and first-class products. Seiji Group booth area of more than 1000 square meters, and will be displayed at the XK2852-bridge dynamic beam gantry CNC boring and milling machine, TK6920/50 type, XNZ2430 type heavy duty CNC boring and milling gantry hybrid machine tools, CK5235x20/32 CNC double column vertical lathe, BMT 110-CNC CNC horizontal boring machine, model SKCR165/1200 digital control fiber winding machine is horizontal CNC filament winding machines and other products, XK2852 River XN2430 is on display at home for the first time. Shenyang machine tool group booked a 950-square-metre exhibition stand, following the 2007CIMT Shen Ji will bring its newly developed products unveiled at the NC machine tool exhibition. Shanghai machine tool plant book a 780-square-meter booth, exhibited MK84125/H CNC roll grinders, SK7520/H CNC grinders, H405-BD CNC grinder grinder, YKA7232 worm wheel with CNC gear grinding machine, CNC deep-hole boring machine TK2250*3000, TU30*1500 slant bed CNC lathes, NB130T CNC horizontal boring and milling machine, CNC lathes and other machine tools. We believe these products will cause machine tool user's attention at home and abroad.

Highlighting the heavy duty machine tool equipment

Seiji machine tool group, Qiqihar heavy CNC equipment group, Wuhan heavy duty machine tool group, Guilin machine tool group is representative of China heavy machine tool industry enterprises, their heavy-duty boring and milling, heavy duty vertical lathe, five-axis gantry milling machine and other products widely used in national defense, shipbuilding, aerospace, automotive, energy and transportation, mold manufacturing, and other industries.

Laser processing enterprises to be unveiled

Well-known enterprises gathered in laser processing is becoming another highlight of the exhibition. AMADA, Han's laser, falilai, and Wuhan huagong laser, United puruima, chutian laser, yueming laser, all well-known manufacturers such as Hangzhou zhongtai, brings the latest research and most advanced in the field of laser cutting technology, represents today's greatest achievements in this field, to show considerably.

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