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Domino-red tube laser machine how to solve coating tray foam

"China packaging news" coated paper tray for commonly used packaging materials, and is widely used in food, pharmaceutical and other industries. Its principles by transparent plastic films through Thermo-coating stick to the tray surface, extend the life of paper tray at the same time improves the luster of tray and firmness, the tray's surface more smooth, bright, and greater improve the brand image of the products. However products assigned to the information as part of the coated surface of the tray and packaging is thrown often appear around the bubble, uneven, problem, become the stumbling block of product quality, is a serious problem.

According to the characteristics of coating materials and processes, Domino company continued innovation and a red tube laser coding machine (a wavelength of 10.2 μ m), effectively solving the coated product is currently in the tray of assigned problems, ensure the aesthetics of assigned identification to ensure film marking information and clarity on the tray.

Avoid common identity around popping

Identifying fuzzy, there is foaming phenomenon is often the result of traditional laser machine caused by using black light tube does not work for film. Using such equipment to film when coding tray will penetrate the film directly on top of the tray, which the heat will make the film up, causing a bubble effect, effect is beautiful marking. Domino introduced red tube red tube technology laser coding machine, the wavelength is always maintained at around 10.2 μ m laser also acts on the film and the tray, assigned more softly than black tube, can effectively avoid identifying bubbling around, identifies the character boundary.

Avoid complex Non-Cross of Point, line design

Red tube laser coder uses a unique Non-Cross (without crossing) design, in the face of standard lettering when characters cross will automatically skip the intersection, with each point only once, effectively avoiding the lasers after carved from happening. This excellence of coding details, making Domino red tube laser machine-coated carton coding effects better.

High resolution-assigned to more

When product design, Domino film fully into account in the process of concentration due to the use of adhesives or uneven glue-coated carton often appear on the surface as a result of subtle phenomenon of convex inequalities, a phenomenon likely to cause-assigned forces, so that the assigned effects greatly reduced. Domino-red tube laser machine using high resolution techniques, the spot size smaller, more focused to ensure mark sharp. And its unique flat lenses, code range to keep the laser energy to ensure uniform and beautiful code characters.

Focus on technical difficulties in overcoming coated carton coding at the same time, Domino-red tube laser machine don't laminating paper box assigned are also worth noting. In addition, according to customer demand, red tube laser machine offers a variety of font choices, not limit assigned line number, simultaneously marking line and dot-matrix font, uphold the principle of dominoes has been the direction of innovation and improvement, in practical application, to give customers more convenience.

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