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China's defense industry part machine still being Japan grabbed the lifeblood

"China machine business network market analysis" NC machine and based manufacturing equipment is equipment manufacturing of "work machine tools", a national of machine industry technology and products quality, is measure its equipment manufacturing development level of important logo, recently national released of China manufacturing 2025 will NC machine and based manufacturing equipment industry as China manufacturing of strategy will race field one of, main reasons is its for a country manufacturing especially equipment manufacturing and defense industry in the has "anchor set" role.

However, Western developed is wants to do approach barrier China improve itself industrial machine of capacity, especially to not let China master technology, Japanese came up with dirty approach put "China enterprise" gas Halo, 2002, China Dalian a enterprise from Japan procurement a type high-end machine, let this enterprise of senior led cannot accept of is, day party to prevent machine moved and change uses, had in products in the encryption locked, once equipment moved will automatically lock died, millions of Yuan of equipment immediately into a heap scrap.

Last, this China Enterprise just by itself of technology research breakthrough has related technology, this pieces things although near misses, but is will China defense industry in the of three big focus field, rely on Japan of situation show undoubtedly, Japanese of arrogance, can from Japan a article entitled China of future depends on Japan of articles in the see clues, a media had such to described in the day industrial relationship, "Japan control key parts, China in many when just assembled factory of role". This despite the fact that a bit of an exaggeration, but it reflects a focus of Sino-Japanese industrial production linkages, that critical spare parts and processing tools, particularly modernization of machine tools and industrial robots field, China has long restricted by Japan, a long time to come, still seems to be in order to maintain this State.

China's Shenzhou manned spacecraft solar array substrate and connecting early in the development, coming from Japan imports of carbon fiber materials, Japan informed China Japan materials used in aerospace production, immediately cut off exports of such goods to China, up scientific research units in China forced to organize research force localization alternatives, "Cliff" side saved the Shenzhou spacecraft. High-end materials and aeronautical material – in particular areas of special aluminum alloy materials and high performance carbon fiber composites, China currently imports, is tension Assembly production line of China-made large aircraft used--C-919 the United States and Canada the production of aluminum alloy materials, materials science industries, China is always painful.

In 1958, Japan and China in the same year developed the first CNC machine tools, 56 years in the past, Japan has become the first CNC machine tools of the world powers, while China's CNC machine tool but need to rely heavily on imports.

And the same thing is happening in the field of electronic components, now Japan exports to China's two most important for integrated circuits, electronic components and precision machine tools. China's defense development is still restricted by Japan's influence is very serious.

In fact, Japan not only restrictions on exports to China of high-end machine tools, also limits the development of China's own high-end machine tools, the controller is the core of numerical control machine tool, equivalent of the computer's CPU, is the key technology of NC machine tools are made. For now, however, Japan FANUC and Germany SIEMENS more than 80% led controller of giant monopoly, monopoly not only high-end products, and restrictions on Chinese imports. Called "no Japan machine tools, China's automobile industry will move. China to Japan's dependence on will only strengthen and not weaken more and more. This means that "Japan has the ability to control more and more to China." These words, although some hubris, but China's weaknesses is the fact that in the industrial field.

Outside remove industrial CNC machine tools, carbon fiber materials, representative of electronic components for the industrial parts of China also depends on Japan. We know that machine to be the bones of a national industrial capacity, and electronic components was vitamins. In the field of integrated circuits, electronic components and related products, China is almost overwhelming dependence on Japan. Some foreign users upload pictures pointed out that China's red flag 9 missiles used the Japan brand AZ8112 limit switch, while Chinese submarines use Japan brand navigation radar system.

After the end of the cold war, due to the high technology, high profits and returns of the carbon fiber Western embargo imposed on our country, in fact, military high strength carbon fiber precursor and their production technologies are the most important technologies of the Western embargo on China's strict, compared to the embargo and this level is nuclear weapons technology. On May 26 this year, Japan, Hyogo police to "charges of alleged illegal export of carbon fiber materials to China" arrest 3 men. In 2012, a Chinese citizen charged with illegally exporting to China M60JB carbon fiber. M60JB carbon fiber is the Japan of Toray T300 carbon fiber models, is a low grade high modulus carbon fiber, mainly used in the production of sport bike parts, fishing rods and damping spring, not even China fishing rod material indicates the blockade completely.

In fact, Japan closed to China often take the core technologies and technology limitations, we can't think fake is fake. Now, and older scientists made bomb of times not as, in chip to mm meter, and line to million calculation of electronic world in, "reverse engineering" of method seems to has to worked, China only speed up in based subject and industrial production of large input, more of training wholeheartedly is committed to technology development of enterprise and personal, down-to-Earth, removal impetuous, solid playing good himself of based, to in future war in the invincible.

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