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China's CNC machine tool and instrument technology application and development

Tool manufacturing industry in China CNC machine tool and meter technology status and development

The 3 major research tools industry suppliers: tool factory in Shanghai, Harbin measuring and cutting group limited liability company and Harbin the first tools manufacture co., Ltd. Feel, power and rapid economic growth in China, especially machinery manufacturing industry for many years of rapid development, creating unprecedented opportunities for development for the tool manufacturing industry in China. The "Eleven-Five" plan and major projects to start and provide new opportunities for development. The plant according to its own characteristics, and set a near-term development of policy and long-term strategic development objectives, and the implementation phase has, has achieved significant results, technical progress accelerated, and continuously improve product quality, business competitiveness, enhanced capacity for sustainable development. To sum up, has the following characteristics:

1. based on the traditional strong products, greater investment in technological reform, introducing advanced technology, products and equipment, improve quality, expand and establish and reinforce the dominance in the industry.

Shanghai tools plant under the development goal, systematic and continuous invested heavily in technical innovation, introduced and developed advanced carbide drilling tool and tap processing of numerical control equipment and technologies, advanced superhard tool CNC manufacturing equipment and technology, advanced equipment and CNC tool/blade coating technology, as well as high speed steel heat treatment technology. Absorption based on the positive development and innovation, attention to tamp NC manufacturing core technology and development, upgrading of product structure, to ensure that the working tools and tap products in the leading status in the industry. Implementation of the new round of investment in technological reform and development plan, as the company rapidly developed into the largest production scale, product varieties complete, strong overall capacity of domestic manufacturing enterprises to make a positive contribution.

Kazakhstan continued to strengthen in recent 10 years in gear measuring instruments, surface roughness measuring instrument and contour measuring instrument precision instrument manufacturing areas such as advantage, 2 m of the successful development of the domestic largest CNC gear measuring instrument, to become the most competitive manufacturer of precision measuring instruments. In 2005, by acquiring Germany lion company introduced foreign advanced design and manufacturing technology and patents, and quickly build advanced, two-sided constraints, positioning and clamping of HSK tool system for production line and mass production quickly built CCD NC cutting tools presetting and measuring instrument products production workshop, an annual production of 500~600 sets of abilities, have been exported to Europe. Successful mergers, the introduction, development and innovation, nationalization, makes precision measuring instrument products, quickly established a leading position in the domestic and in related technologies and products, fast closing the gap with international advanced level.

A work by bond modification (two years invested hundreds of millions of Yuan), built a new factory, investing in new equipment, and face a new look. Especially in the products on the broach, the introduction of foreign advanced CNC Cutter Grinder and testing instruments, with a view to China continues to lead, and NC indexable cutting tools and complex cutting tools such as hob's traditional strength has been further strengthened. Bevel gear with carbide arc milling cutter and a newly developed CNC cylindrical gear shaping milling cutter has been successfully applied, has been received by users.

Zhuzhou diamond cutting tool company in recent years investment 1 billion yuan, in including carbide material, and NC tool zainei of overall carbide tool, and NC can turned bit blade, field, introduced has sets advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, makes products development capacity and manufacturing quality get is big upgrade, became today domestic competition strength most strong, and development research input up, and production scale maximum of carbide NC tool/can turned bit blade manufacturing enterprise.

2. make the law developed under the tool industry, will develop downstream technology and product areas. In order to better meet the needs, adapt to the market/country development, strategic development goals to lay the Foundation for the enterprise.

Zhuzhou cemented in the original parent company of cemented carbide materials, semi-finished products manufactured on the basis of, CNC tools, indexable inserts processing areas, became the largest manufacturer of carbide tool/blade. And work planning from manufacturing to tool materials (tungsten carbide) manufacture, CNC manufacturing development of the equipment manufacturing and other fields, the goal is to become the leader of General metal-cutting tool manufacturing company, a tool in research, manufacturing and service of one of China's leading enterprises.

3. focus on basic, common, key technology research and development, actively undertaking national and local scientific and technological research projects for the development of "research" of scientific research and development system, rapidly enhance enterprises ' innovation capability and technical/product advantages.

Kazakh investment in research funding in recent years average sales income over 4%, years to develop new products more than more than 30 patent 165. In 2005 under the State 863 project "HSK taper gauge" standard drafting 2006 took Harbin "HSK tool system for high speed NC machine tool research and application" project. In 2007 to assume the standard "tool presetting and measuring device" setting, and take Harbin "CNC and CCD automatic aiming high-precision tool presetting and measuring instrument for" scientific and technological projects, and so on. Work in recent years to assume the Ministry of science and technology innovation fund "automotive manufacturing precision compound drilling tool and high performance coating tool development", Shanghai scientific and technological project "research and development of cutting tool computer platform", "research and development of high-speed cutting tool coated", "high precision tool manufacturing and applied technology", and won a number of tool coating patent.

4. through mergers and acquisitions, professionals and technology introduction, resource optimization, improve their overall strength.

HA in 2005, successfully merging Germany lion company, laid the mass production of the international level of HSK tool system and development of NC cutting tools presetting and measuring instrument technology and capabilities. Work depends on Shanghai company limited listed in Hong Kong to raise funds, in 2007 invested "tool production technology for development projects". With the Italy SU on the incorporation of the company, the introduction of advanced gear manufacturing technology and know-how, and enhanced gear cutting tools manufacturing strength.

Through research, we feel the tool industry technology development and progress has been made and the scale of production while also saw the gap with foreign advanced level remained high. In wind power, nuclear power and other energy equipment manufacturing, key components used in machining CNC tools and measuring instruments, composed almost entirely of the monopoly of foreign products, mainly manufacturer Sandvik, Kenner, ISCA, Secco, etc. Domestic tools are mainly used for non-critical parts and roughing and semi-finishing operations. Compared with foreign products, in addition to cutting outside the performance gap, a bigger problem is unstable, unreliable, product performance and dispersion. In addition, small overlook the gap in customer service.

CNC cutting and CNC tool on the research, development and manufacture of, and differences between foreign countries is reflected in the following three areas:

(1) theory and technology of numerical control cutting, especially micro-technology, quality control and the metallographic structure of material science-related analyses and quality control technologies, new types of difficult to machine materials cutting mechanism and technical research.

(2) CNC manufacturing technology and equipment, particularly in the key manufacturing processes and on the stability of the quality control process, such as ultra fine grain carbide substrate, coating process quality control, super hard cutting edge enhancement technology; equipment: CNC tool grinding machine, cutting edge equipment and coating equipment research and development, and so on.

(3) CNC tool application and experimental research for different industries, the user needs, especially the novel difficult to machine materials such as high-temperature alloys, titanium alloys, Silicon aluminium alloys, composite materials processing, by providing a scientific, reliable and practical tool/indexable blade and cutting parameters database information platform.

In terms of measuring instrument, with the gap even more. In this survey, clearly felt mainly in the following three areas:

(1) measurement technology of CNC machine tool and equipment, especially for representatives of laser measurement systems for high precision static and dynamic testing technique of NC machine tool accuracy and performance, as well as precision compensation and.

(2) CNC tool measuring technology and instruments, especially high-precision CNC numerical control tool measurement, CNC tool machine technology, as well as CNC tool presetting and measuring technology and instruments.

(3) for use in the production of live/online digital measuring technology and instruments, especially complex precision contouring machine measurement and feedback compensation technology and devices, such as NC form gear grinding machine measuring technology and equipment, field measurement technology of steam turbine blades and devices.

In order to reduce as soon as possible and catch up with the advanced world level, under the guidance and support of national policy, focus selecting tools industry involved key to the development of techniques for project research, will enhance the competitiveness and sustainable development of China tool industry capacity to respond to national needs is of great significance to the development of equipment manufacturing industry. In support of the country and the industry's own efforts, our tool sector has the potential to greatly speed up the narrow gap with foreign advanced level course.

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