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Application characteristics of laser engraving machine

1.Cutting energy automatic compensation function, the cutting effect is greatly improved

2. The laser engraving machine has a built-in 128M memory, which can store 99 files to support the permanent storage area of the power cut data

3. The equipment can be carried out on the surface of a variety of materials, carving alone also can be used to cutting alone on various materials and also can engraving and cutting at the same time, to achieve the perfect unification of engraving and cutting two functions, operation speed, energy-saving frequency converter operation is simple, the cost is low; The engraving effect is good, the cutting edge has no burr, no secondary sanding, cutting scrap, carving depth can be self-regulated, the precision is high

4. High performance laser engraving and cutting control platform

5. Operating speed, the laser energy can be adjusted in real time, and the operation of customers is greatly

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